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California in Flames: A Literature Review on the Causes and Effects of Wildfires

Project by Polygence alum Tridib

California in Flames: A Literature Review on the Causes and Effects of Wildfires

Project's result

Tridib wrote a review paper that will soon be published by a high school journal of research. He also presented at Polygence's 6th Symposium of Rising Scholars and won Second Place in Best Talks.

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Tridib constructed a review paper about the spread of California wildfires. Throughout the hot and arid months, ( May - September) anthropogenic impacts are causing wildfires to spread immensely in California and are inflicting devastating damage on the surrounding environment. When the natural biosphere gets thrown out of balance, mass death and loss of biodiversity follows. This decrease in biodiversity could cascade into the extinctions of thousands of flora and fauna species across the West Coast. With the world's human population increasing and more stress being put on natural resources, there is a growing fear that humans will eventually destroy the ancient forest biomes if no steps are taken to end the plague of wildfires. If the climate crisis and other human activities are not addressed immediately, the state could lose its most species-rich areas forever.



Polygence mentor

PhD Doctor of Philosophy candidate


Psychology, Quantitative


behavioral science, social psychology, data science




Tridib is a 16 year-old high school student from Troy, Michigan.


Troy High School

Graduation Year


Project review

My experience with Polygence was incredible. From the beginning, my mentor guided me through the crucial stages of formulating a research project. From tips on taking notes, to how to act when presenting at the symposium, my mentor helped create a very positive working and learning space, which in turn allowed me to reach new depths with my research. This is why I believe the most valuable part of the whole Polygence experience is the mentors that you work with. Their devotion and expertise in their respective areas give students the best chance at achieving their goals with the platform and ensuring a pleasant environment in the process.