An Instagram Page exploring The Nung

PhD Doctor of Philosophy
Other, Humanities, Social Sciences
Anthropology and Ethnography, Religion and Society, Theater, Literature, Italian and French
Project description

Tue-Minh's project aims to introduce the cultural aspects of the Nung minority group living in Lang Son Province, Northeastern Vietnam through the lens of photography, vlogs, and written mediums. The project resulted in an Instagram page that shares pictures and videos of the daily lives of the Nung people, with a focus on their language as a communication tool. Tue-Minh interviewed people living in Hanoi as well as local Nung people living in Lang Son province to achieve her goal. Stories and information collected from the interviews were shared along with photos and videos on the “In The Nung” Instagram page. Over the course of the project, Tue-Minh tracked her progress in the form of written and visual logs, which were posted on a Wordpress page that is linked to her Instagram.

An Instagram Page exploring The Nung
Project outcome

Tue-Minh created an Instagram that encapsulates all of her photography, vlogs, and interviews.

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Student background

Tue-Minh is a 16 year-old high schooler from Hanoi, Vietnam.

Student review

Lulie is there to help whenever you need. She is creative, experienced, and will help you work out every unexpected thing that you may encounter during your project, turning your project into something new and engaging. She also encourages you to think differently, expanding on details needed to make your project as thoughtful and direct as possible. Outside of the project works, she can also be your friend who listens to you and guides you through any hardships. For me, she has helped me a lot with my college application and I'm very thankful for that.

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