A Board Game All About the American Revolution

Industry expert
Computer Science
Game Development, Game Design, Coding (Java, C, C#), Unity Engine, Unreal Engine
Project description

Michael's game focuses on American history, specifically the colonial era and the American revolution. In the game, players learn about different events throughout the revolution whilst moving around the game board. As a board game, players roll dice to determine how far they will move each round, and the goal is to reach the end while witnessing as many historical events as possible. There are also different tiles that represent different events, each spot meant to educate the player on that aspect of history.

A Board Game All About the American Revolution
Project outcome

Michael designed a board game based on the American Revolution.

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Student background

Michael is a 17 year-old high school student from Diamond Bar, CA.

Student review

Before this project, I only knew the basics of Unreal Engine 4, but thanks to Patrick, I gained so much knowledge on game designing using Unity Engine. He patiently guided me through a lot of the problems I faced during game development and also worked together with me to solve a lot of the logical errors in my code. The most valuable part of this program is that I was able to have a lot of fun while having great support from a mentor well knowledgeable about my project, which is something you can't really get working and learning alone.

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