Research Paper On The Link Between Catecholamines and Anxiety Diagnosis

PhD Doctor of Philosophy candidate
Other, Environmental Science, Neuroscience, Biology, Chemistry
Toxicology, Endocrinology, Microscopy, Food Science,
Project description

Katie summarized the prevalent reports on anxiety disorders and their correlation to catecholamine physiology. Performing a meta-analysis of publicly accessible data, a direct correlation between catecholamine levels and anxiety disorder was found by analyzing pre-experiment baseline values and anxiety scores. Through a deeper understanding of these potential biomarkers and other potential comorbidities, there is hope to reduce the effects of anxiety disorders including suicidal ideation through early recognition and treatment of this crippling condition.

Research Paper On The Link Between Catecholamines and Anxiety Diagnosis
Project outcome

Katie wrote a research paper.

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Student background

Katie is a 16 year old high school student from Danville, California.

Student review

The most valuable part of Polygence was connecting with my mentor and researching a topic important to me. Austin directed me through the project and gave me valuable tips and guidelines when analyzing and designing an experiment. I really appreciate Austin's ability to make things light, and his patience throughout. I learned a lot throughout the Zoom calls, talking about catecholamines and generalized anxiety disorder.

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