NFL Offensive Game Planning

MS Master of Science candidate
Sports Analytics
Sports Analytics
Project description

Abhi's project covers 8 NFL teams. He watched films and looked at stats to inform claims about how skill players on the respective offenses should be deployed. The findings were then compiled into papers that detailed how the players should be used on the field in terms of general play concepts, as well as formations and tactics. These papers were then uploaded to my website.

NFL Offensive Game Planning
Project outcome

Abhi's papers were uploaded to his website.

Student background

Abhi is a 16 year-old high schooler from Millburn, NJ

Student review

CB has an excellent knowledge of sports, specifically Basketball and Football. He also understands sports journalism very well, helping me set up my own website in a way that would be interesting for readers. I would highly recommend him as a mentor for anyone interested in sports analytics of any kind, or even just pure statistics.

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