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An Exploration of Solar Panels: Key Properties and Manufacturing Processes

Project by Polygence alum Keya

An Exploration of Solar Panels: Key Properties and Manufacturing Processes

Project's result

I wrote a paper and I presented at The Symposium of Rising Scholars

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In order to combat climate change, the world has been making an effort to move away from polluting sources of energy, mainly fossil fuels. One of the most prominent alternatives is solar energy, which, in the US, contributes to about 3% of the energy grid. This article covers the many different types of solar panels, from those in industry use to those in lab development and testing. Split into four generations of four different time periods, this paper will cover the first three generations of solar cell technologies. Although solar cell technologies widely vary, all the technologies have the same basic properties to be taken into consideration when used. The article describes common properties of solar panels, which are then discussed for each type of solar panel along with each type of solar panel’s manufacturing process. Finally, it identifies the most important properties of a solar panel to take into consideration when using or analyzing one.



Polygence mentor

PhD Doctor of Philosophy candidate


Physics, Engineering, Quantitative, Chemistry, Social Science


superconductivity, batteries, physics, math, fractals, semiconductors and solar cells, sustainable energy technology, applied computer programming projects related to physics or math, STEM education improvements (either through a social lens or through pedagogy lens)




Graduation Year


Project review

“As someone who enjoys physics and engineering, my project was a perfect mix of both. I got to learn how solar cells work, how that knowledge is applied to the current technology, and synthesize my understanding into a paper.”

About my mentor

“Ri was a lot of fun to work with. They provided excellent resources, new ideas, and clarified difficult concepts.”