Research paper on the Impact of Achilles or ACL Injury on NBA Player Performance

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Project description

This student examined several existing research articles that measured the performance of NBA players before and after suffering either an Achilles tendon rupture or an ACL tear. He compiled these results into a single paper and drew a definitive conclusion on the overall impact of each of the injuries on players’ efficiency ratings. Additionally, he researched surgical and rehabilitative techniques, determining which ones were most beneficial and successful at facilitating recovery for high-performance athletes. He also created two videos. One focused on the Achilles tendon rupture and the other on the ACL tear. In these videos, he briefly summarized the findings of his paper as well and spotlighted two NBA players, for each injury, who either recovered well, or poorly, from their injury.

Project outcome

This student's paper was published in his school newspaper and his videos were uploaded to YouTube.

Student background

17-year old from Pennsylvania.

Student review

Polygence was a very meaningful and fulfilling experience. Working with Karen was excellent, as she allowed me to stay focused and work efficiently on my project. She pointed me in the right direction to find helpful sources and offered assistance on my paper when necessary. Karen allowed me to find success and create a final product that I was satisfied with.

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