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Inuit Health and Wellbeing In Response to Climate Change

Project by Polygence alum Anh

Inuit Health and Wellbeing In Response to Climate Change

Project's result

Published on Polygence's pre-print research archive

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Though everyone is affected in some way or form by climate change, there is little-to-no data on the effect on climate change on the mental and physical health of the Indigenous people, who are an especially important minority considering their deep cultural and personal connection to the land.

This paper focuses on the Inuit, as they inhabit the sub-Arctic where effects are quite prominent. The main points discussed are the increase in physical injury and deaths, uptake in water-related illnesses, and deterioration of mental health. While it's important to note that adaptations have been successful, the Inuits experience an overall negative effect of climate change in their daily life.

Oyesola Oluwafunmilayo

Oyesola Oluwafunmilayo

Polygence mentor

PhD Doctor of Philosophy


Biology, Psychology, Business, Social Science


gender-based violence prevention and intervention; global health; public health; racial disparities in programs and health outcomes; program evaluation, culturally-responsive approaches to teaching, policy advocacy, community-based research methods




Graduation Year