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Foggy Minds: A Podcast on Dementia

Victoria is a 17 year-old student from Scarsdale, NY.
High School
Scarsdale High School
Student review
Polygence was an overall great experience. I went into the program having a relatively vague interest in neuroscience and cognitive disorders, but with the help of my mentor and the resources she provided me, I was able to explore aspects of Alzheimer's and dementia that I have never considered before. Polygence helped me pursue my passions in a creative and thought provoking way and I would 100% recommend it.

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Project description

Memories are fragments of our lives that are so crucial to us. But, what are memories? Victoria's podcast aims to explore the neuroscience behind our memories. By using case studies, experiments, and numerous academic sources, this podcast attempts to explain what memories are and how they are affected by neurological disorders like amnesia and dementia. It not only talks about medicine and science in relations to memory, but the social aspects of memory and our modern misconceptions about memory as well.

Foggy Minds: A Podcast on Dementia
Project outcome

Victoria published her podcast on Spotify!

Industry expert
Psychology, Neuroscience, Pre-Medical Studies, Health & Medicine
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