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The Puzzle of Privacy in the Age of Social Media

Ethan is a 16-year-old student from Lawrenceville, NJ.
High School
The Lawrenceville School
Graduation Year
Student review
Anna helped me expand my knowledge on data privacy and further grow my interest in research. My sessions with her were exciting, intriguing, and informative. I couldn't have asked for a better mentor! She has been extremely encouraging during my project and taught me how to improve my writing as well as think outside of the box to gain new ideas!

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Project description

Ethan investigated social media consumption and related privacy concerns, through articles, reports, and editorials on topics such as the right to be forgotten, facial recognition technology, international privacy norms, and the regulatory powers of governments as opposed to those of private actors. He explored how to merge his substantive interest in social media with his ambition to create his own blog. There, he discussing various aspects of data privacy law and the delicate legal space that big tech companies are navigating.

The Puzzle of Privacy in the Age of Social Media
Project outcome

Ethan filmed a series of interviews and wrote blog articles not just about data privacy, but on other societal issues mainly having to do with racial injustice and prison systems as well. He published all of this on his own blog site.

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Juris Doctorate and Doctor of Philosophy
Public Policy, Law
Creative writing, journalism, modern American literature, 19th century to modern French literature, French language and culture, American law
Mentor review

Serving as a mentor for Polygence has been a uniquely fulfilling and thought-provoking experience. Although I knew that I enjoyed teaching before becoming a mentor, I had not had the opportunity to engage with students on subjects so directly linked to my graduate studies. I am consistently amazed by the intellectual rigor and maturity of my students, and come away from our sessions with renewed appreciation for academic discourse and rigorous debate. I also appreciate the position’s flexibility and room for creativity.

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