Neuroscience Research

Did you know that the human brain contains over 86 billion individual neurons?

Neuroscience is the study of the structure and function of the nervous system, whose principal organ is the brain. Research in neuroscience seeks to better understand the enormously complex biological machine that is our brain. Neuroscientists seek out the biological basis of complex cognitive phenomena like learning, memory, perception, behavior, emotions, and consciousness as a whole. Neuroscientists examine the brain at the structural, cellular, and molecular levels, and study the brain from evolutionary, developmental, social, and cultural perspectives. Though traditionally considered a subfield of biology, neuroscience has become increasingly robust and interdisciplinary, with tie-ins to psychology, psychiatry, computer science, chemistry, mathematics, and linguistics. From finding better prevention and treatments of neurodegenerative diseases to improving our capacity for learning and memory, better understanding the brain will help us harness the full power of this astoundingly complex and sophisticated biological computer.

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