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Polygence Scholar2023
Karthikeya Kusuma's profile

Karthikeya Kusuma

Class of 2024Sammamish, Washington


Hello my name is Karthikeya Kusuma. I'm currently interested in biochemistry and neuroscience research.

Project Portfolio

How does listening to different types of music (tonal, atonal and silence) affect a child's (10-12) visual memory retention.

Started Dec. 22, 2022

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Abstract or project description

It is a common saying that listening to classical music as a child will make you smarter. But in reality that has never been proven. But what if listening to music while looking at an image can increase how long you can remember the image for. The goal of the experiment is to determine if listening to a specific genre of music can make a child remember a visual piece longer. We are testing that by having a child first listen to nothing and look at an image. The child then fills out a survey to see how much they remember. We want to compare the child’s observations during when there is silence, tonal and atonal music. We want to see whether the child remembers more when listening to a specific type of music,