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Livia De La Rosa

Class of 2025Miami Beach, Florida


Hi there! My name is Livia De La Rosa and my project focuses on active recall and its effects on neural activity in relation to memory. I chose this project because I am passionate about neuroscience and implementing it to improve students' daily lives. Once my research is complete, I would like to disseminate the findings and help students into finding what technique(s) works best for them to improve their academic journey.


  • "Active Recall and its Effects on Neural Activity in Relation to Memory and Learning Among Students" with mentor Sarah (Working project)

Project Portfolio

Active Recall and its Effects on Neural Activity in Relation to Memory and Learning Among Students

Started June 29, 2023

Abstract or project description

Active recall is a common study technique utilized among medical students to retain complex information. However, such techniques are not applied by younger students despite the cognitive benefits active recall can provide. In most schools, students are told what to study and taught outdated passive forms of studying that require more time and yields minimal retention. This research paper uncovers what active recall does to the brain and how to apply it in order to maximize study sessions. With this research paper, students of all ages can discover how study techniques under active recall can aid in learning with increased efficacy.