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Shamitha Gaddam

Class of 2025Winston Salem, NC


Hello! My name is Shamitha Gaddam, I am a current junior and wrote my very own paper last year. My paper is titled The Mechanisms of Sleep and It's Impact On Your Livelihood. My paper is currently published on RARS, I also have a podcast regarding sleep! We all know sleep is important but not many of us know why, and it is my job to teach others on the benefits of getting a good nights rest! :)


  • "The Mechanism of Sleep and how it impacts your livelihood" with mentor Joanna (June 15, 2023)

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The Mechanism of Sleep and how it impacts your livelihood

Started Dec. 1, 2022

Abstract or project description

Sleep deprivation has become a frequent issue in society, with a significant portion of the population experiencing the consequences. This review explores the mechanisms, functions, and overall impact of sleep. The paper starts by discussing the various stages of sleep, which include non-rapid eye movement (NREM) and rapid eye movement (REM). The paper also calls attention to the unique characteristics and durations of the stages. One of those characteristics the phenomenon of dreaming is also examined.  The paper then further explores the circadian rhythms as well as sleep homeostasis and their roles in regulating the sleep-wake cycle. The review additionally addresses physiological regulations that occur during sleep, including thermoregulation, respiratory changes, and cardiovascular activity. Moreover, the paper states the benefits of adequate sleep include memory enhancement, mood regulation, immune system support, and cardiovascular health. The paper not only elucidates the benefits but also the consequences, which are developing Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, or even obesity. The review paper closes off with common methods that are used to get better sleep; changing your diet and nutrition, sleeping earlier, bright light therapy, medications, and physical exercise. Overall, this comprehensive review provides valuable insights into the importance of sleep and its impact on human livelihood.