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Adeoluwa A

- Research Program Mentor

MD candidate at Stanford University


Biology, Health, Healthcare/medicine, Public Health, Creative Writing, Statistical Analysis, Qualitative Interviewing, Qualitative analysis, Literature review, Research Presentation


Hello! I am passionate about health equity, social justice, and promoting healthy individuals and communities. I am currently a medical student going into internal medicine with an interest in cardiology and primary care. I love listening to audiobooks on topics in psychology, learning to play the piano, and reading and writing poetry.

Project ideas

Project ideas are meant to help inspire student thinking about their own project. Students are in the driver seat of their research and are free to use any or none of the ideas shared by their mentors.

Height and genetics: Nature or Nurture

How much do your genes determine your height? How much do nutrition and environmental factors play a role? What gene variants are implicated in height differences and what is the role of epigenetics? We will access and analyze an open dataset on twins to estimate the correlation between monozygotic twins (who have the exact same DNA) and height. You will learn to use R to open a dataset, analyze data with statistical methods such the student’s t-test, and display your data as graphs and charts. Finally, you will learn how to make a research presentation on height and genetics, describe the research methods, and present the data in a compelling and thorough way.

How do school athletics affect future physical, social, and economical outcomes

Being a student athlete comes with a lot of responsibilities and a lot of personal lessons. From daily practice to weekly matches, athletes must balance a lot. What are the benefits of engaging in athletics in high school and/or college and are there disadvantages? Through reviewing scientific and anecdotal evidence, we will aim to understand how being a student athlete affects your future health, social connections, and economic success. You will be able learn how to review literature, interview relevant individuals, and write a formal literature review on the topic.

Poetry Collection

What do Emily Dickinson, Langston Hughes, Sandra Cisneros, and Audre Lorde all have in common? They influenced their society greatly through poetry. To this day, their words hold influence and power. By reviewing and understanding the basic elements of poetry, by reflecting on yourself and your society, and by reading and writing daily, you can grow your practice of poetry. Together, we will craft a poetry collection for you to express yourself and use your voice.

Writing an Op-Ed

An Op-Ed is a personal article that serves as powerful tool for advocating, persuading, and bringing attention to an issue. When done well, it can be the spark that a topic needs to gain national or international attention. In this project, you'll write your own persuasive op-ed on a topic of your choice! You'll gain skills of observing the social climate, researching the topic, and writing creatively and authentically.

Languages I know

Spanish, basic

Teaching experience

I have worked as a teaching assistant to classes of 15-20 students, have led groups of 2-4 students through biology and chemistry. I have also provided one-on-one mentorship and tutoring to college and medical students.



University of Chicago
BS Bachelor of Science (2018)
Biochemistry, Chemistry
Johns Hopkins University
MPH Master of Public Health
Health Systems, Health Policy
Stanford University
MD Doctor of Medicine candidate

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