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Research Opportunity Articles

We've compiled our rankings of the best research opportunities for high school students by region and topic

Research projects are dedicated deep-dives into a specific area of interest. They are among the best ways for high school students to explore their passions and develop lifelong investigatory and critical thinking skills. They are also critical to preparing high school students for the challenges of college and beyond.

Check out the shortlist of top research opportunities below!

What are the benefits of doing a research project?

Research projects can be challenging, fun, and, ultimately, incredibly rewarding. We believe that they are powerful tools for intellectual inquiry and irreplaceable opportunities for students to exercise agency in their education. At Polygence, we’ve seen many students use their initial research project as a springboard into their eventual college majors. Our research students have built prototypes for products, launched websites, and even started conversations with politicians interested in their field!

Research Focused on Your Passions

Get paired with an expert mentor and work on a research project fully customized to your interests!

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