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Bailey H

- Research Program Mentor

PhD Doctor of Philosophy candidate


My research focuses on the neurobiological, behavioral, and environmental factors that influence the development of psychiatric illness.

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Why do some individuals who undergo childhood trauma develop psychopathology, while others do not?

Childhood trauma (CT) involves exposure to environmental circumstances during childhood or adolescence, including neglect, abuse, natural disasters, and major family disturbances. Decades of research have documented that CT is associated with increased risk for the development of psychiatric disorders in adulthood. Despite the clear link between CT and risk for psychopathology in adulthood, the neural and behavioral mechanisms underlying this association remain poorly understood. Extant literature suggests that CT is associated with alterations in the neural circuit function as well as cognitive impairments that persist into adulthood. The present study aims to address current gaps in knowledge by examining whether CT is associated with emotional facial processing and neural circuit function during adulthood. This research is essential for elucidating various cognitive, neurobiological, and environmental factors that may contribute to poor mental health outcomes in adults with a history of CT. This knowledge has to the potential to identify individuals at highest risk for poor outcomes following traumatic events and ultimately guide the improvement and development of interventions.

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