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PhD Doctor of Philosophy candidate

Fine Arts, Neuroscience, Psychology, Biology
Neuroscience, Vision Science/Vision, Virology, Science Communication, Sculpture/3D Art
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Project ideas

Neuroscience of Optical Illusions

Publish a compiled article on the current neuroscience knowledge of optical illusions. This might involve a range of topics from cell biology at the retina level to higher order systems topics aimed at understanding how optical illusions are produced in the brain. The end goal might be a research article compiling different neuroscience concepts associated with optical illusions in the style of a review article.

Neural Circuitry Art Piece

Create a large-scale sculpture or mural aiming to visualize neural circuitry concepts in a visual artistic way. The exact way this might be done could vary, but could include a mural of canonical neural circuits with an 'infographic' style aimed at education. Another alternative might be a children's book to explore these topics with a focus on outreach and education. Yet another possibility could be a large-scale sculpture of a neural circuit (either literal or abstract) aimed at provoking thought in the audience about the way the brain works.

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Basic R

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