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Domenic B

- Research Program Mentor

MPA at Cornell University


Psychology, Neuroscience, Law, Economics, History, Government


Hello! My name is Domenic and I am a 27-year old with a master's degree from Cornell University. I studied public affairs, government and politics, and economics. As an undergrad, I studied psychology and performed research for four semesters as a research assistant. I am an avid sports fan! I grew up playing baseball and I played in college, too. I watch soccer every week. I also play guitar and used to make money playing and singing on streets!

Project ideas

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An Analysis on Why the Legal Drinking Age is 21 Years Old

An American adult can basically do anything he or she wishes at 18 years old. He or she can vote in elections, purchase a gun in some states, even get a mortgage - but an 18 year old is unable to legally consume alcohol. Why is that, and how did this nationwide disparity in legal age come to be? This project examines the laws and cultural shifts in America and how they led to having the drinking age not be 18 years old, but instead 21.

Languages I know

Spanish, intermediate-beginner

Teaching experience

As a teaching assistant, I have taught both a weekly course and a few study sessions before tests.



Ithaca College
BA Bachelor of Arts (2018)
Cornell University
MPA Master of Public Administration
Politics and Policy

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