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Kween A

- Research Program Mentor

PhD candidate at UC San Diego


Cellular and molecular neuroscience


Hi! I am a 2nd year neuroscience PhD student at UC San Diego. I am interested in neurodevelopment and spinal cord injuries. My current project involves studying how astrocytes are involved in the spinal cord regeneration and recovery. On a personal level, I love to be active playing soccer and beach volleyball. I'm huge cat lover (though I am allergic to them) and I'm learning to crochet specifically to make hats for my friends' pets.

Project ideas

Project ideas are meant to help inspire student thinking about their own project. Students are in the driver seat of their research and are free to use any or none of the ideas shared by their mentors.

Design a research project

Go through the scientific process of developing an original research question and hypothesis and designing experiments to answer this question.

Animal models

Neuroscience research utilizes a variety of animals models, including fish, mice, lobster, humans, etc! Why do we use all these models? What type of studies would be best for each model? Do we need to use animals for research? This project can result in different end products, such as podcast episodes, infographics, a paper, anything!

Science communication

There's a lot of cool technology being created out there and it's important to accurately write about these technologies for the public. Let's try our hand at science communication and write articles about up and coming neuroscience/neuro-engineering tech!

Coding skills

R, Java

Teaching experience

I was a computer science tutor and teaching assistant for a lab course in during undergrad.


Work experience

Harvard Medical School (2017 - 2020)
Research Assistant


Northeastern University
BS Bachelor of Science (2019)
Behavioral Neuroscience
UC San Diego
PhD Doctor of Philosophy candidate

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