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Polygence Scholar2023
Alma Dagan's profile

Alma Dagan

Lexington High SchoolClass of 2025Lexington, Massachusetts


Hey there! My name is Alma Dagan and I’m a 16 year old sophomore from the Boston area. I’m interested in neuroscience, psychology and the criminal justice system. I just finished combining the three in my research paper on the commonalities among the brains of incarcerated individuals.


  • "Are there any shared characteristics in the structure of the brains of incarcerated individuals?" with mentor David (Mar. 5, 2023)

Project Portfolio

Are there any shared characteristics in the structure of the brains of incarcerated individuals?

Started July 25, 2022

Abstract or project description

This research paper takes a look at the commonalities in brain structure and personality traits as they relate to criminal behavior. We look at numerous forms of physical trauma to the brain, emotional trauma and different behavioral characteristics that are widely observed among incarcerated individuals and how different events triggered this change in behavior. The primary focus was on combinations of brain abnormalities, such as tumors or blunt force trauma, that were most relevant to certain violent acts. We also discuss a few of the many controversies of incorporating neuroscience and psychology profiles to limit sentencing of individuals who exhibit criminal tendencies as well as the predictability of possible future criminal acts. Careful attention was given to how this research addresses real individuals. In order to not add stigma and perpetuate stereotypes to mental health conditions, specific characteristics are used rather than psychological disorders.