History Research

“The past is never dead. It's not even past.” - William Faulkner

Research in History seeks to uncover the meaning of historical events and cultural phenomena, what caused them, and how they affect the events that came afterwards. Historical research mainly employs qualitative methods rooted in the study of primary sources – i.e. newspaper articles, journal entries, photographs and documentary film, official documents, and other eyewitness accounts. Historical researchers may also engage with secondary sources written by other historians, and choose to support or subvert their analysis of the same sources and events. Historians generally use sources to make arguments through academic writing, but they may also be involved in efforts to preserve documents, artifacts, and locations with historical significance. Understanding history is critical to understanding the present moment and making informed decisions that will lead us into a better future. If you’re passionate about piecing together narratives, constructing arguments, and uncovering the secrets of the past, consider research pathways in history.

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History scholars

Srihith Tirnati
Srihith Tirnati
Providence High School
Polygence Scholar 2021

Project: “Extinct & Endangered: Histories of Cultures in the Past, Their Relevance Today, and Why Should We Care?“