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Griffin Smith-Nichols S

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Ancient Greek and Latin classics, medieval literature and languages, history of religion, German

Project ideas

Project ideas are meant to help inspire student thinking about their own project. Students are in the driver seat of their research and are free to use any or none of the ideas shared by their mentors.

Translating the Classics

Latin and Ancient Greek have not been spoken as languages of daily life for many, many centuries. How, then, can we capture their complexity, their subtlety, and even their beauty in English? That said, understanding Latin and Greek as the ancient world did is not so inaccessible as you might think. Through careful study of the languages and of translation methods, the student will improve both their comprehension of these languages and the sophistication and skill with which they write in English, too! Whether we are translating prose or verse, history or literature, our exploration will deepen your understanding of the ancient world and broaden the horizons of your writing.

Academic and Creative Writing on Topics in the Ancient World

Is there something about the Greco-Roman world that you have always wanted to research in-depth? In this project, we can work together to study a piece of ancient literature or a topic in the history of the ancient world. With the latest insights in modern scholarship and academic theory, the student will learn to hone their own critical instincts and elevate their thinking. The end result can be anything from a polished academic research paper to a piece of creative writing set in Antiquity. The choice is yours!

The World of Sagas: Studying Medieval Icelandic Literature

Outlaws and family feuds? Stormy seas and raiding parties? Say no more! In this project, the student will dive into the world of medieval Icelandic literature, studying the artistry of its style from some of its most important works. Together, we will design a program aimed at comprehensively studying these and producing an original project from what we learn. Whether this means research writing, a multimedia project, or even trying your hand at writing your own saga, the student will learn the talents of sophisticated literary analysis, critical thinking, and open-minded scholarship.

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