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Polygence Research Program

Polygence offers a personalized passion project experience for high school students that is fully guided by an expert mentor. See which Polygence program works best for you to channel your interest into a unique research project!

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Polygence and the Gifted and Talented Institute (GATI) transferable credit program

We are proud to partner with the pre-collegiate Gifted and Talented Institute (GATI) at a top US research university to allow students the opportunity to apply to a research writing program for the chance to earn 3 academic credits.

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Polygence Program Bundles

Launchpad Program

Core Program

Premium Showcasing Support

The Core Polygence Program

The Polygence core program consists of 10 one-on-one sessions between the student and mentor. The program is structured around 3 Milestones in addition to regular assignments to ensure students make steady progress on their project. Given the diversity of projects, these milestones are designed to be as flexible as possible to accommodate any and all types of projects.

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The Application Process

Polygence Application

Initial Application

At Polygence, students define their own interests and projects. In the application students provide their background and interests, and what they would like to explore.

Admissions Advisor on a call with a student

Consultative Call

If necessary, we work with the student to help them develop a subject, topic, or issue that they are truly passionate about exploring.

Student accepted to the Polygence Program

Accepted + Matched

If the student is a good fit for the program, then their application will be sent to our cohort of available mentors for review. It is ultimately up to a mentor to accept a student’s project.

What is the Core Program?

The Polygence core program is a 10-session research project where students are matched with an expert mentor to explore a specific and unique research topic selected by the student. The program is designed to be structured, but flexible, and is a great way for students of all experience levels to begin or deepen their research skills, but excited to explore their unique passions. Our students walk away from the program with a deeper understanding of their chosen research area, a strong foundation in how to conduct academic research, and a unique project outcome that they can choose to share with the world.

What do I get with Core

  • 10 one-on-one sessions with a mentor selected for their expertise in the project subject matter. 

  • The program has 3 flexibly designed Project Milestones meant to keep students on track.

  • Regular assignments from an expert mentor to create structure and guidance for students towards their expressed goals.

  • 2 rounds of Writing Feedback support for any written materials

  • Access to the Polygence High School Showcasing Database 

  • Access to submit to the pre-print research archive, Research Archive of Rising Scholars and rank as a Google Scholar.

  • An opportunity to present their work at the bi-annual Symposium of Rising Scholars.

What is Launchpad?

Launchpad is a 4-session program that helps students define their project idea prior to their Core program experience.

Launchpad students begin with meeting separately with 3 distinct mentors specializing in the careers or academic subjects that the student is interested in focusing their project on. Students work with each mentor to gather inspiration for possible project ideas and workshop through ideas together. After that, students have a Reflection Session with a Polygence trained educator designed to synthesize what the student learned from each of their mentors and help students converge at one specific Core project idea they feel excited about.

Next, the student will then begin their 10-session Core research project matched with a mentor whose expertise can support this deeper research.

What do I get with Launchpad

  • Everything in the Core Program, plus

  • 3 discovery sessions beforehand, each with a different mentor.

  • 1 Reflection Session with a trained educator to help synthesize learnings and get to a clear project idea

  • A customized report from the Reflection Session that outlines next steps for the student

Motivated student during a Polygence session with her mentor

What is the Premium Showcasing Bundle?

Premium Showcasing Bundle is a 13-session research and publication project experience that builds off of the Core Program. Students will begin the 10-session Core research project matched with a mentor whose expertise can support this deeper research, and follow it with an additional 3-session phase designed to help students build a specific and structured plan for how best to share their work creatively and effectively. In this phase, students are matched with a Showcasing Specialist who is trained to help them identify relevant showcasing opportunities for their research, format their work for submission, and even support them in framing their research for college applications. Students can use these sessions to prepare to publish in a journal, present at a conference, compete in a science fair, create a podcast, get an app live in the App Store, or any number of other endless opportunities.

What do I get with Premium Showcasing:

  • Everything in Core, plus 

  • 3 one-on-one sessions with a Showcasing Specialist

  • A customized and structured showcasing plan built with a Showcasing Specialist.

  • Submission support to up to 3 appropriate showcasing opportunities. (Note: Showcasing to more than one opportunity is only allowed if a prior showcasing outlet did not accept the work).

  • Support in framing the project on college applications for students who are in their final year of high school.

Female student at science fair showcasing her research

What is the UCIxGATI college credit program?

The Gifted and Talented Institute (GATI) at the University of California, Irvine identifies and develops the gifts and talents of academically advanced and hardworking pre-college students from all around the world, regardless of background. The GATI program empowers pre-college students to engage innovative research and jumpstart their careers. This is an exclusive 3-credit program available only to current Polygence students and alumni. It is partially self-paced and fully remote, and does require the student to exercise strong time management as they get early exposure to the rigor of college level coursework.

What do I get with UCIxGATI:

  • Access to the UCI library and research archives

  • An opportunity to submit your research to the GATI journal

  • The potential to receive 3 credits towards your college transcript

UCI campus with Polygence and GATI logos

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