Literature Research

“It is better to know one book intimately than a hundred superficially.” - Donna Tartt, The Secret History

Researchers in Literature think deeply about the meaning of individual literary texts, literary styles and historical movements, as well as the practice of literature as a whole. The texts themselves are their primary sources, whereas essays by other scholars and works of literary theory are their secondary sources, which they use to craft original arguments. While classic, canonized works of literature from countries with economic dominance often have the most robust bodies of scholarship, literature research can be done on works from any genre, place, and time period, by authors of any level of renown. Many researchers today study texts that have been overlooked by the literary canon which deserve to be studied for their literary merit and marginalized perspectives. Some literary scholars specialize in the literature in one language or country during a specific time period, while comparatists work across multiple languages, continents, and historical periods. Research in Literature helps us become more cogent, attentive readers and better understand what gives literature its immense power to enrich the human experience.

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Literature scholars

Geetika Mahajan
Geetika Mahajan
Irvington High School
Polygence Scholar 2021

Project: “Emancipatory Politics during the Arab Spring in Connection with Literature and the Arts“

Joy Okunade
Joy Okunade
ILTexas Garland High School
Polygence Scholar 2022

Project: “Society Scorned 'His Last Letter': Analysis of Black Masculinity and Black Femininity in the book "Don't Cry for Me"“