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Sam Ng

Class of 2025Hong Kong, China


My name is Sam and I wrote a paper about the South China Sea

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Navigating Troubled Waters: Understanding China's South China Sea Assertion Through Geopolitical, Economic, and Strategic Lenses

Started Aug. 3, 2023

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In the present day, there is always a constant lingering fear of an outbreak of war. A possible spark for a major global conflict is the ever-changing geopolitics of the South China Sea. This paper tackles the diplomatic landscape of the South China Sea and specifically looks at why China is aggressively asserting its control over the region. To do this, the paper examines the situation through economic, geopolitical, and strategic lenses. Existing research and a variety of theories will be utilized when looking through each lens. Beyond China's motive, the paper will also deduce what is likely to transpire from these aggressive claims in the near future, as well as give a policy recommendation on what China should implement to best satisfy its interests in the South China Sea.