Top Research Opportunities for High School Students in Illinois

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Research Opportunities for High School Students in Illinois

The top research programs available for high school students, selected based on prestige, location, and affordability

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May 20, 2024




In this course, we will investigate how electrochemical and circuit activity in nervous systems contributes to sensation, perception, and various behaviors such as movement, language production, spatial navigation, emotional responses, sleep, and learning and memory. Our approach is inquiry-driven, involving close examination of primary data. Students will learn about experimental methods used in neuroscience research such as molecular DNA and protein sequence analysis, fluorescence microscopy of nervous tissue, and behavioral assays. By examining nervous systems across different phyla, we will also gain insights into the evolution history and inner workings of the human brain.

Are there many Research Opportunities for High School Students in the state of Illinois?

Illinois colleges and universities offer thousands of degrees and their campuses range from small private colleges in quiet rural locations to large vertical campuses in big-city settings. Science, business, engineering, medicine and a vast array of humanities offered at Illinois universities are at the top of the ranks. Illinois, the "Land of Lincoln," is home to a variety of universities such as Northwestern, Loyola University, DePaul University, and The University of Chicago.

What other research opportunities are available?

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