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Caliope M

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Neuroscience, Molecular Biology, Theatre, Musical Theatre, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Spanish, Social Studies- Gender Studies

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Understanding the Role of Dopamine D1 Receptors in Induced Depression due to Birth Contraceptives

Dopamine is an essential chemical in the brain that is part of the learning and reward system. It has been proven that an increase in dopamine leads to a sensation of pleasure. Therefore, a decrease in dopamine receptors can lead to depression because there is a lower level of pleasure in the individual. It is statistically proven that women suffer from depression when taking contraceptive pills due to a hormonal imbalance. This hormonal imbalance can affect the reward system and thus lead to a decrease in dopamine levels in the brain. Therefore, we will discuss the neurological circuitry of the reward system, how dopamine works in the brain, how a decrease in dopamine leads to depression, and how contraceptive pills can lead to a decrease in dopamine which can lead to depression.

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Python, beginner

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