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Tatiana B

- Research Program Mentor

PhD Doctor of Philosophy


Community psychology, social policy, statistics, quantitative and qualitative research

Project ideas

Project ideas are meant to help inspire student thinking about their own project. Students are in the driver seat of their research and are free to use any or none of the ideas shared by their mentors.

Develop a protocol for your own systematic review

Systematic reviews are one form of research that can help fill a gap in what we don't know about a specific topic. Systematic reviews are like literature reviews, except much more systematic as it follows a research protocol. They are much more extensive than literature reviews because you are trying to capture every published article to fully describe your topic based on a wide breadth of evidence. What you would do is choose a topic that we don't know very much about, such as evidence based interventions in jail populations or evidence based interventions in local public health departments. I can work with you to develop a concrete topic area. Then we would work together to develop your own protocol to conduct the systematic review. These typically can lead to academic publications (I have 3 currently published). If you are interested in learning how systematic reviews work as a support team member, I also have an active protocol that we are conducting with partners at Michigan State.

Community-based research for social justice

Do you love to write about social justice? I am an experienced and well trained community psychologist. What this means is that I incorporate values of equity, social justice and diversity into several components of my research plans. We can work together to develop a research plan that embeds values of community-based participatory research to create a project that focuses on collecting community voice and perspectives, while also holding rigor in the field of social science. Projects can focus on diverse topics ranging from public health, clinical psychology, health care interventions, or anthropology. Products from this project can include Research Plans Interview protocols Survey Development Dissemination products (how you share what you've done) White papers or blogs to encourage out of box thinking

Social Network Analysis - How are people or organizations connected and why does it matter?

This project explores relationships and patterns found in relationships across individuals, groups, or organizations. If you are interested in strengthening your skills in social network analysis, we can work together to apply this method in your proposed topic. The topics can be diverse, but I hold a dataset of non profit organizations in Genessee county that describes their collaboration patterns with one another. I can support you in the analysis to find any interesting patterns and offer a publication in the form of a student blog to share what you've learned in the process. If interested in another topic, I can work with you to develop a research plan, network survey, and analysis plan. See my paper below for an idea on how social network analysis can be used in child mental health

Blog Series on Mental Health (or other social issues)

Lets work together to create a series of blogs that build your writing skills and promote the researcher within you! We can think through which key topics to focus on based on data reports and reviewing literature on current rates of conditions among a specific population of your choice. Once we finalize our topics, we would draft brief blogs that describe the current evidence, best practices for prevention, and share your own viewpoints based on what you learned. Then we can offer publication opportunities at Polygence or find other spaces to promote your work.

Coding skills


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