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MD Doctor of Medicine candidate

Neuroscience, Cell Biology, Genetics, and Pre-Medical studies
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Project ideas

Student-Run Clinic

In this project I will help you organize a student-run clinic in your school or university. From a small diabetes screening service (as more and more young people are at risk) to a multidisciplinary group tackling the health issues that are most important in your school and community.

Alzheimer's Disease Group

In this project I'd help you set a group of students to work with individuals in initial stages of dementia. You'd coordinate socializing interventions in an attempt to delay the progressive cognitive deterioration brought by AD. I'd also encourage and help you publish your results.

Neuroscience - Student Journal

Would you like to set up a journal where students can publish original research papers and reviews in the field of Neuroscience? I'd love to help you set it up!

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