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Emma F

- Research Program Mentor

PhD at Cornell University


Scientific communication, biotechnology, bacteriophage research, medical/scientific illustration, experimental-based research, scientific writing (blogs, magazines, primary literature), public speaking, bioengineering, microbiology, virology, biology, bacterial genetics, genetics, genetic sequencing/bioinformatics, molecular engineering, protein design and expression, immunology, project management, conflict resolution, negotiation, storytelling, verbal communication, and leadership.


Hello there! I'm Emma; a vibrant Queer scientist with a Ph.D. from Cornell University. I specialize in synthetic biology techniques that I use to engineer bacteriophages (bacteria-eating viruses) to detect dangerous pathogens in food and water. My journey in STEM has been driven by a deep enthusiasm for scientific discovery and innovation. THE WORLD IS AMAZING AND FASCINATING! As a confident woman in the field, I am passionate about empowering students to pursue their dreams and often provide my students with essential resources and guidance that go beyond their original questions. My approach to mentoring is highly student-focused. I firmly believe in going the extra mile for driven students, offering them additional time and support to ensure their success. My academic journey has always been guided by curiosity, a trait I encourage in all my students. In addition to my professional pursuits, I have a profound love for wildlife. Before relocating from New York State, I dedicated time to rehabilitating injured and orphaned animals, including squirrels, foxes, wolves, skunks, groundhogs, and raccoons, before releasing them back into the wild. Outside of science and wildlife, I find joy in watching anime and reading poetry. This blend of academic rigor, personal interests, and diverse life experience makes me a unique mentor who is eager to help students explore the vast opportunities in STEM and beyond.

Project ideas

Project ideas are meant to help inspire student thinking about their own project. Students are in the driver seat of their research and are free to use any or none of the ideas shared by their mentors.

Interactive Science Exhibit Creation Using Sims 4 or Illustration

Unleash your creativity and love for science by designing an interactive museum exhibit! This project lets you choose a captivating scientific topic, like the science of colors or geological layers, and bring it to life using the Sims 4 game or detailed illustrations. Together, we'll map out a comprehensive project timeline, delve into effective research techniques, and master the art of storytelling to educate and engage your audience. This project isn't just about science; it's about developing your skills in communication and creativity that are vital for your academic and professional future.

Public Health Infographics

Step into the world of public health advocacy by creating informative and compelling infographics. This project involves selecting a vital public health issue, such as the challenges of food safety or the effects of global warming, and transforming this information into visually appealing posters. Our collaboration will focus on researching credible sources, developing a clear project timeline, and enhancing your ability to convey complex information in an accessible way. This project is perfect for honing your skills in scientific communication and visual storytelling, essential in the STEM field and beyond.

Science in Motion: Stop Motion Animation

Combine your love for science with the art of stop motion animation! Choose a scientific concept or discovery and bring it to life through a short, animated film using stop-motion techniques. This project is perfect for learning how to simplify complex scientific ideas into engaging, visual stories. You'll develop skills in artistic expression, scientific communication, and creative thinking—valuable assets in any scientific or educational career.

Expressing the Essence of Science: Blogging Your STEM Discovery

Dive into the world of science communication with 'Expressing the Essence of Science.' This project invites you to craft a compelling blog post or magazine article that showcases your passion in a STEM field. Whether it's the intricate dance of CRISPR gene editing or the fascinating journey of stem cells, your task is to elucidate complex concepts for the curious mind. You'll engage with cutting-edge research, interview experts, and translate your understanding into an article worthy of publication in renowned platforms like Scientific American or the insightful blogs of AddGene. This endeavor will not only refine your writing prowess but also amplify your voice in the scientific community, bridging the gap between research and reader.

Coding skills


Languages I know

Italian (beginner)

Teaching experience

Throughout my academic journey, I've been dedicated to mentorship. In high school, I guided younger students academically and nurtured their interpersonal skills through theater activities. As an Undergrad, I became a science ambassador, leading afterschool programs to ignite a love for science, while also preparing high schoolers for SATs and college applications. Advancing to graduate school, my mentorship expanded to encompass Ph.D. peers, focusing on bridging academia and industry skills, and postdocs, emphasizing professional networking and mental health. I also advised new graduates on navigating U.S. grad school systems, from admission strategies to acclimatization. Undergraduates benefited from my insights into research design, problem-solving, scientific publishing, presentation skills, and career planning.


Work experience

Monthly Methods Meeting (Cornell University) (2018 - 2020)
Founder and President
"Food Micro Minutes” Podcast (Cornell University) (2017 - 2019)
Co-Founder and President
Horseheads High School (NY) (2017 - 2017)
Speaker for the Horseheads High School Food Science Education Day (Food Safety)
Wildlife Wishing Well, Inc (2016 - 2019)
NYS General Wildlife and RVS Rehabber (Dual License)


Quinnipiac University
BS Bachelor of Science (2015)
Microbiology & Immunology
Cornell University
PhD Doctor of Philosophy (2021)
BioTechnology & Microbiology

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