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Soumya R

- Research Program Mentor

MD candidate


Biology, public health, health care ethics, medicine, health care policy

Project ideas

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Effect of a Medical-Legal Partnership on Patient Outcomes

This project would involve collecting de-identified data from the patients who have used the medical-legal partnership (MLP) that I founded at a free clinic in St. Louis City. The goal of an MLP is to provide comprehensive health care that addresses patients' medical and social needs at one institution. We will analyze the effect that MLP utilization has had on this patient population's reported quality of life, health status, and self-efficacy.


"The experience I had working with Ms. Soumya Ramireddy was beyond brilliant. Her mentorship made me a more critical researcher, expanded my scope for empathy within the medical field I was researching, and her experience in public health and statistical analysis was instrumental throughout my journey."

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