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Tex W

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MPA Master of Public Administration candidate


Economic History, Public Policy, Public Administration

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Dynamic structures of culture, people, and language in Africa.

The region of East Africa highlights economic stability, cultural diversity, and historical significance. Cultural understanding offered by this project will facilitate the necessary discussion of the significance in East Africa, specifically Kenya and Tanzania, to bring uplift and enlightenment on the dynamics of culture, wildlife, politics and relevance to the globe. This project investment into education empowerment, culture enrichment and social diversity in awareness will facilitate the necessary discussion of how to value self and community parallel to practicing social-responsible measures of tourism and wildlife conservation. The problem facing our society is the lack of appreciating natural forces. With this lack, it leads to eradication of culture and the importance of maintaining connectivity. Historical forces have influenced the dynamics of culture within the African continent. For over centuries, trading relationships have been developed to create sustainable environments and traditions that allow for the matriculation of knowledge and durability. Specifically, the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885 partitioned Africa between European nations resulting in bilateral agreements. Thus, this period of imperialism exposed Africa of its resources and raw materials, but did not allow for the revitalization of culture. As a matter of fact, the dividing of the continent derailed the development of African tribes and allowed for European hostilities to take advantage of the opportunity, by depriving Africa of its traditions and ability to be self-governed. It is to say that Europeans play a huge role in the modern slow growth of African countries' economy, and it is essential to consider the value of African traditions. Issues such as deforestation have become a problem to hidden tribes that have little contact with modern society. Countries forcing these tribes to move into “civilization” and participate in politics that they are ignorant to. This project aims to facilitate the necessary discussion of improving humanity by promoting and displaying individual and group uniqueness. Our project serves to increase the number of individuals attaining higher education or exploring opportunities of entrepreneurship and progression of self. Our mission will focus on improving the lives of individuals and groups through the fostering of necessary discussions of how to value self and community. Through vlogs and blogs, development and enrichment will be put at the forefront of discussion. In turn, increasing the accessibility of self, revitalizing the community and increasing exposure of self to the world, resulting in a more immersed and healthy social climate. Moreover, we will conduct interviews or interactive workshops discussing various sociocultural factors pertaining to the value of self. We want the interviews and workshops to be a safe space for critical thought and discussion. We don't support censorship, the truth and authentic exposure is a necessity if we want to progress the "i" within the "we". This project is a movement that promotes and displays conscious uniqueness and addresses the methods of valuing self. We are all individuals, but our experiences and emotions are unique to yourself.

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