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Polygence Scholar2024
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Yvonne Shen

Class of 2025Boise, Idaho



  • "How are consumer decisions influenced by brand perception and group identity?" with mentor Aaron (Jan. 17, 2024)

Project Portfolio

How are consumer decisions influenced by brand perception and group identity?

Started May 2, 2023

Abstract or project description

Modern society is full of consumer products, with suppliers pushing them to be sold and many forms of social engineering designed to push purchasing decisions in a certain direction. Whether it is consciously or unconsciously, tools like persuasive media, branding, and party divisiveness all affect human economic decisions. This paper analyzes the different ways that prevalent marketing techniques of the modern world impact consumerism.

By looking at case studies of identity-based marketing techniques in multiple contexts, this paper will investigate the sociological domain of how these strategies influence thinking. Connecting those insights will allow for a closer look into how economic decision-making trends are shaped.