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Polygence Scholar2024
Aaditya Barbudhe's profile

Aaditya Barbudhe

Class of 2026Irvine, California


Hello, my name is Aaditya Barbudhe. My Polygence project is on simulating aerodynamic environments digitally in order to create a program that will allow users to cheaply and safely test their airplane wing designs. After I complete this project, I would use the program for my own use and I would like to publish it as free software for others to use.

Project Portfolio

How can design software like PTC Creo be utilized in conjunction with simulation software such as VSP Aero and analytical AI to aid aerospace engineers in the design of optimal airplane wings based on constraints for the wing such as attack angle or sweep angle?

Started Dec. 1, 2022

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Abstract or project description

This research aims to explore the use of design software, simulation software, and analytical AI(referring to an ML model that can analyze the results of the aerodynamic simulation done on the designed wing and point out problematic regions) in the design of optimal airplane wings based on constraints for the wing such as attack angle or sweep angle. The goal is to create a software workflow that streamlines the design process and provides engineers with actionable insights to improve wing performance. This project is ongoing, and we hope to demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of this workflow in creating a finished product - a software tool that integrates the design software PTC Creo, aerodynamic simulation VSP Aero, and analytical AI for optimal airplane wing design. The potential implications of this research include improving the efficiency and accuracy of the airplane wing design process, leading to better-performing airplanes, and potentially reducing carbon emissions in the aviation industry. Further, it would allow engineers to relatively effortlessly design wings for any application that may relate to the situation that they are working around.