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Polygence Scholar2024
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Divya Angelina

Class of 2023Bangalore, Karnataka


Hello! My name is Divya Angelina. I am in 12th grade. I am keen to pursue undergrad in computer science. I want to develop an application that would be of high-value proposition that aims to solve a critical problem. I love to solve problems, and I believe solving an interesting problem using computers would give me the ultimate satisfaction. My Polygence project isn't finalized and I'm looking for inputs from my mentor to come up with an interesting project. The goal of doing a project with Polygence is multifold: I would like to learn how to identify problems, research, collect all the needed data, develop a plan to solve the problem using computers, summarize the learning from the experience, and present it to a larger audience. I would like to present it as a paper in a research publication. I believe this experience would prepare me for my higher calling of doing research work when I get to college.


  • "Using machine learning to understand the effects and prepare for global climate change" with mentor Hugh (Working project)

Project Portfolio

Using machine learning to understand the effects and prepare for global climate change

Started June 26, 2023

Abstract or project description

In Divya's project, she will focus on utilizing several different datasets to better understand how the effects of global climate change on humans. In one dataset, she will first understand the impact of global climate change on food scarcity. To do this, she will understand how the different environmental changes due to global climate change such as temperature affects crop growth and how this may affect the future of agriculture. In another dataset, she will continue to explore the projections of these temperature and weather changes to better anticipate these changes and research ways to either circumvent these changes and/or prepare for these changes. By completing this project, Divya will increase our holistic knowledge of the impacts of global climate change and advocate for the need for action.