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Polygence Scholar2021
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Ummehani Pithewan

Class of 2024San Jose, California


My name is Ummehani. My Polygence project is about ‘The Impact of Family Dynamics on Eating Disorders’. This topic is very close to my heart and I deeply care about the subject because of my personal experiences. With the help from my Polygence Mentor I have this unique opportunity to research this topic to great depths. My research work has been published by ‘[Curieux Academic Journal](https://www.curieuxacademicjournal.com/)’. I am grateful to the team at the journal for recognizing my work. I am also volunteering with the ‘[Eating Disorder Resource Cente](https://edrcsv.org/)r’ education initiative to further deepen practical understanding of my research topic. Going forward I hope to continue to engage and contribute to community, specifically in the area of psychological disorders and public health in general.