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Polygence Scholar2023
Thrista Venkat's profile

Thrista Venkat

Class of 2025Matthews, NC


Hello, My name is Thrista. My project was on how emotions affect the stock market focusing on certainty appraisals and approach, avoidance motivations.

Project Portfolio

Propositions on the effects of Emotions on the Stock Market based on Appraisal theory, Approach and Avoidance Motivations.

Started Feb. 24, 2023

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Abstract or project description

Previous research has indicated that emotions have an effect on investment behavior. However, this research only encompassed a limited range of emotions. While emotions like fear, anxiety, and anger have been frequently studied for their effects on investor behavior and how they affect the stock market, the effects of other relevant emotions such as sadness, surprise, nostalgia, and excitement have not been as extensively studied. Furthermore, only a limited range of investment behaviors have been studied. This paper summarizes previous research on emotions and investment behavior and develops a generalizable model incorporating approach and avoidance motivation and appraisal theory. Through this model, I provide novel insights linking emotions and investment behavior.