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Polygence Scholar2022
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Sya Dhaliwal

high_schoolClass of 2023Richmond, B.C



  • "How can schools within the metro vancouver area improve reprocutive and sexual health education for adolesent girls within the mandatory curriculum?" with mentor Menjin (Katie) (Working project)

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How can schools within the metro vancouver area improve reprocutive and sexual health education for adolesent girls within the mandatory curriculum?

Started Mar. 9, 2022

Abstract or project description

For this research I have decided to investigate reproductive and sexual health within education. Throughout my preliminary research I have narrowed down my findings and research gap into one question–‘How can schools within the metro Vancouver area improve reproductive and sexual health education for adolescent girls within my mandatory curriculum? This is because upon investigating more into this topic a common theme I would see in the data would be the term “adolescent”, and generalized both genders and didn’t specify into girls. I think that this is an important topic to discuss due to the fact that education about reproductive and sexual health in high-schools are minimal. Girls in high-school go through different processes both mentally and physically as they grow, but generalizing their health as “adolescents” in statistics is not accurate and too general. For this research I plan to conduct surveys and interviews to gather all of the necessary data. The surveys will be digitally distributed among girls in high-schools across the metro-Vancouver area. The questions will be multiple choice questions and will include personal questions about what they know about this topic. For example a question could look like “Are you being taught the fundamentals of sexual and reproductive health within your school?”, for which the responses could range from a scale 1-10 or yes, no and maybe. This data will then be processed and coded to be numerically translated to answer our research questions. For the interview part of this research my goal is to contact the high-schools as well as relevant medical professionals in the metro Vancouver area. For the high-schools I will contact principals, organizations/groups as well as any sexual health representatives in the schools and ask a series of questions regarding their stance as a school surrounding this topic and how it can possibly improve. The medical professionals can be pediatricians and OBGYNs who work within the metro Vancouver area. These experts will be asked what schools should be doing to educate adolescent girls in high-school, and provide some useful methods or ways to better implement this within schools.