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Renata Almachnee

Class of 2024Oak Lawn, Illinois


Hello! My Name is Renata! I am a senior at Marist High School in Chicago and love research. I have published a scientific research on the Journal of Student Research and am continuing to peruse my reasearch goals through finding opportunities such as Polygence.


  • "Impact of perceptions of weather on weather experience and wellbeing consequences" with mentor Wicia (Working project)

Project Portfolio

Impact of perceptions of weather on weather experience and wellbeing consequences

Started June 26, 2023

Abstract or project description

The student will be writing a review paper as well as creating her own website on her research. The paper will discuss how childhood experiences with weather influences perceptions of weather. Importantly, perceptions of weather play a critical role in the pathway between objective weather conditions and behavior. In addition to reviewing this literature in her paper and proposing future directions, Renata will create an interactive website for visitors to examine their own perceptions of weather and how it might impact their behavior. This is a “real world” application of this research, which is a very exciting direction!