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Om Phadke

Class of 2024Milpitas, California


Hello! My name is Om and my project is about the applications of Calculus I,II, and III in business and economics. I chose to work on this project because of my love for the essence of calculus and its plethora of real-world applications, paired with my growing interest in the complexities of the financial world. After my project is complete, I would love to have it published to educate others about the fascinating nature of calculus as well as to provide a preview of its uses in professional careers.


  • "Analysis of SIR models" with mentor Lucien (Working project)

Project Portfolio

Analysis of SIR models

Started May 12, 2023

Abstract or project description

The SIR model is a widely-used framework for modeling the spread of infectious diseases. SIR models are a non-linear system of ordinary differential equations and can be used to estimate the basic reproduction number (R), which indicates the average number of secondary infections caused by a single infected individual in a completely susceptible population. This project studies the analytical solutions of the SIR system under simple assumptions and uses techniques from numerical ODEs and nonlinear stability analysis to characterize the behavior of the model under relaxed assumptions.