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Nikas Lukyanov

Class of 2024Moscow, Moscow


Hello, my name is Nikas Lukyanov. My project is a literature review about the causes of sleep deprivation in teens, analyzing the various biological and external factors. I am also exploring potential remedies for this global pandemic from an economic stand point, looking at cost-benefit ratios.


  • "How can we mitigate the sleep deprivation epidemic in teens through government policy?" with mentor Maira (Working project)

Project Portfolio

How can we mitigate the sleep deprivation epidemic in teens through government policy?

Started June 20, 2023

Abstract or project description

Adolescent sleep deprivation is a widespread concern with multifaceted implications. This paper explores the underlying factors contributing to the reduced sleep duration among teens, encompassing biological, social, and economic influences. Adolescents exhibit a biological predisposition towards delayed bedtimes due to the delayed circadian rhythm and a slower build-up of homeostatic sleep pressure. Psychosocial pressures, including increased bedtime autonomy, academic stress, and excessive screen time, further exacerbate the issue. Hormonal changes during adolescence render this demographic more susceptible to developing sleeping disorders. Compounding the problem, school start times impose constraints on sleep scheduling by dictating when teens must awaken. This literature review analyzes policy solutions for teen sleep deprivation, focusing on school start times. Drawing on previous cost-benefit models, the implementation of later school start times seems to be a viable and feasible proposal, demonstrating substantial economic benefits with minimal limitations.