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Maryam Mirza

Class of 2024San jose, California



  • "What is the Effect of B12 on Prenatal Development" with mentor Sameera (Working project)

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What is the Effect of B12 on Prenatal Development

Started Aug. 22, 2023

Abstract or project description

Maryam's project is focused on how increased levels of vitamin B12 influence prenatal development, specifically whether they cause mutations resulting the development of autism spectrum disorder. She plans to use C. Elegans as her model organism, dosing them with B12 by mixing it into the water that the eggs will be in so that they are exposed to it during prenatal development. Once the C. Elegans hatch, she will observe them and collect two forms of data, behavioral analysis via thrashing test and gel electrophoresis to test for presence of a mutation in the CHD8 gene. Thrashing is the lateral movement of C. elegans; decrease in thrashing indicates a decrease in motility, which a sign of ASD in these organisms.