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Joel Jacob

Class of 2024Cupertino, CA


Hello! My name is Joel Jacob and my Polygence project is on developing a deep learning model to predict the price of a car based on an input image. I chose to work on this project because I read about the usage of AI to solve real world problems and I wanted to try it out as well. I am passionate about programming and used AI to solve the problem of predicting car prices. I have already presented my research at Polygence’s 9th Symposium of Rising Scholars. In addition, I would like to publish a research paper on my topic.

Project Portfolio

Create our own dataset of cars to create a deep learning model to predict the price of a car based on an input picture.

Started June 22, 2023

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Abstract or project description

We seek to build a machine learning model to predict the price of a car given its image. For this task, we collected two original datsets of car images and their price. Using this as training data to train a convolutional neural network for regression, our project achieves sufficent accuracy in matching prices of car to images. Unlike previous models, this project focuses on cars specifically and utilizes a large dataset encompassing various car models. Since 1 in 3 americans buy cars from online car dealerships, it is neccesary that consumers can verify the price they see on the sites are legitmate. Alternatively, consumers could utilize this model to get the highest market value for a car they are trying to sell.