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Hiba Bidar

noneClass of 2024Agadir, Souss Massa


Hello! My name is Hiba Bidar, I am 15 years old and I am from Morocco. My favorite element in the periodic table is Helium since it results from one of the rarest phenomenon, nuclear fusion... duh. I have a keen interest in cosmology and theoretical physics, and I am growing a huge concern about geophysics. I would be very happy to share with you my passion during this symposium. Make sure to register by 9/18!!


  • "How does solar radiation affect North Africa?" with mentor Jo (Working project)

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How does solar radiation affect North Africa?

Started June 28, 2021

Abstract or project description

The electromagnetic energy from the sun travels through space in the form of solar radiation which causes space weather (e.g. solar flares) and affects earth’s climate (e.g. greenhouse effect). Considering all the effects of solar radiation including space weather is extremely important to gain a more complete understanding of climate change and therefore act accordingly. In this paper, we are going to provide a technical definition of space weather as well as all other events that accompany it drawing from the findings of other research papers. To study the local effects of space weather on North Africa, we are going to use citizen science data and open source programs.