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Christopher Wang

middle_schoolClass of 2026New York, NY



  • "How does listening to music often affect our enjoyment of it?" with mentor Tyler (Working project)

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How does listening to music often affect our enjoyment of it?

Started Apr. 16, 2022

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In the modern era, we are constantly being hit with dopamine inputs, from video games to social media, and even from junk food to shopping. Our world has turned everyone, including you and me, into dopamine addicts, where we are always craving that next thing that will give our brain a good sensation. Music in particular is something that gives us this sensation. Everybody listens to music on a daily basis whether they realize it or not, and, like many things in our society, it typically gives us an immense dopamine hit. In this review paper, we will investigate whether or not the dopamine input of music can actually decrease overtime, the more you listen to it. We will review the current research on music and dopamine, and increase our understanding of what the dopamine you get from music does to the brain, and what ways people cope with it.