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Chanyeong Park

Singapore American SchoolClass of 2022



  • "Flow State Attention Feedback Tool: Model Training and Validation" with mentor Emily (Working project)

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Flow State Attention Feedback Tool: Model Training and Validation

Started June 6, 2022

Abstract or project description

For this project, Chan strives to create an attention-monitoring tool that will ultimately provide computer users with real-time feedback on the quality of their attention ('flow state') and serve as a productivity building tool. Chan will build behavioral models that incorporate indicators of attention such as blinks, head movement, and head rotation to calculate each participant's attention index via webcam recording. He will also develop a backend connection with his model to a google form that contains 36 questions from the validated Flow State Scale (FSS) by Susan A. Jackson to quantify the ground truth measure of participants' flow state throughout the experiment. To follow an organised work flow, store the collected data in a database, and perform data visualization, a Graphic User Interface (GUI) will be developed to be used in the actual experiment. With this software prototype, Chan will then conduct an experiment with design forthcoming that validates his flow state model during different participant tasks. After analysing the correlation between attention and flow state from the database, Chan plans to write up his results in a research paper for junior investigators that summarizes procedures and results of this project. Lastly, all relevant data collected as well as the software prototype of the model will be publicized to enable further possibilities of new research from such data and model.