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Polygence Scholar2022
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arnav kalapala

Rutgers Preparatory SchoolClass of 2024Hillsborough, NJ



  • "Dharavi: Completing and Revitalizing a Community" with mentor Tanha (Working project)

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Dharavi: Completing and Revitalizing a Community

Started Apr. 6, 2022

Abstract or project description

Dharavi is a very successful urban environment already, hitting most of the marks it needs to successfully sustain a population. With it being a housing area for the artisan class of Mumbai, many people make their own products in the area, creating a disconnect between it and the main city of Mumbai, because they just make most of what they need. However, they lack resources such as doctors and engineers (for their homes and tools and such), as well as more. Very few people have the money to afford cars, and very few things are too far away to walk to, so the majority of the streets are built for nothing larger than a bike. As such, the car-filled economy of Mumbai doesn’t exactly transfer to Dharavi, making Dharavi almost a separate city, leaving them without access to the city’s health care and community resources. The way to solve this is by bringing in and raising the skill required to run such facilities in the local area, through community outreach centers that can develop interest and find the talent that can bring these skills and complete the community.