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Amaan Rather

Caesar Rodney High SchoolClass of 2020Camden, Wyoming, Delaware



  • "A compilation of information regarding the field of synthetic immunology" with mentor Pavithran (Working project)

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A compilation of information regarding the field of synthetic immunology

Started Nov. 22, 2020

Abstract or project description

Synthetic immunology is a field in which researchers to design constructs that will help T-cells in the immune system battle pathogens, such as cancer cells. This can take place using synthetic receptors for better recognition of pathogens so that T-cells can execute more precise functions in the body. In this project, I hope to write a literature review regarding papers in this field and have it be published in a journal. Additionally, I hope to have a blog where I talk about a subset of these papers geared towards the general public to help them better understand this field. After the completion of this project, I hope to have learned (a) more about the advancements in this field and how they can potentially impact future patients (b) how to read scientific literature (c) improve my scientific writing and (d) learning to present and explain papers.