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10 Economics and Business Research Project Ideas for High School Students

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Do you want to start or run your own business? Or maybe you’re interested in learning more about why the cost of eggs is so high right now? Either way, learning the ins and outs of business management, inflation, and supply & demand are key components to becoming a successful businessperson.

Learn more about the fields of both business and economics and how they go hand and hand through a project of your own! Check out this list of 10 research project ideas to help get you started!

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1) Crypto Case Study | In-Depth Market Research on Crypto-currency Businesses

Gain a better understanding of finance focused crypto businesses from all around the world. Do your research and handpick a few organizations to deeply study. Where did they go wrong? When and why did they thrive? With crypto currently not doing so well, there’s opportunity for you to learn a lot throughout this process! 

Idea by mentor Ben

2) ABCs of Launching a Venture: Building a Business Plan

Build your own business plan! If your dream is to someday start your own business, why not start mapping out a plan now? Get creative while using the bootstrapping model to help guide you through this process.  Build an outline of your future dream! 

Idea by mentor Hannah

3) Analyze a Company or Compare Two Companies

Learn the ins and outs of how an organization functions! Pick either one or two companies of your choice to deeply analyze/compare! Learn to read and analyze financial records and do basic data analysis!   Once chosen, it’s time to find out everything you can from the company's financial standing to the company culture. 

Idea by mentor Ali 

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4) Analyze an economic issue of your choice!

Learn to think like an economist! First, you will choose a couple of topics that interest you which can range anywhere from inflation, to gender, to poverty. While doing your research on your topic(s) you will gain an understanding of the structure that economists follow to analyze your chosen phenomena.  

Idea by mentor Michael 

5) Following the Economy

Gain a better understanding of our current economy! Even if you watch the news and keep a close eye on what’s happening  in the world, it can be difficult to understand if you’re not familiar with economics. Start this project by learning the basics of economics as a whole. Once you gain a better understanding, take a deeper dive into our economy today! What should the government be doing about it? Prepare a research paper with your findings. 

Idea by mentor Taylor   

6)​​ Comparative tax policy

Conversations that revolve around taxes are never particularly fun! If you’ve ever wondered how taxation affects businesses or why tax rates vary, it’s time to do your research! Learn more about trade-offs, economic growth, and more with a goal to write a policy memo on value-added tax. 

Idea by mentor Anthony

7) Gender Economic Inequality

Have you ever noticed that there are certain occupations where mainly women seem to be hired? Most of these positions fall within the realm of the service industry so because of this, have been greatly impacted by the pandemic. To name a few: servers, nurses, and social workers have suffered greatly within their careers due to COVID-19. Write a research paper on how the pandemic has impacted female employment. 

Idea by mentor Kristen  

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8) Apply a nudge!

Placement is everything! In fact, you are likely to pick a specific food item off of a shelf or at the cafeteria because of how it’s positioned. This entire concept of positioning something to make it more intriguing is called a “nudge”. Just how effective is nudging? Put this question to the test by applying a nudge around your home, school, or neighborhood to see how this impacts others decisions. 

Idea by mentor Loc

9) Economic Research

Dissect an economics research paper written by either a professor or a Nobel prize winner! The goal is to walk away from this project with a presentation of your findings. Do you agree with the findings of the author? Why or why not? 

Idea by mentor Oluseun

10) Launch a Social Media Brand | Elevate LLC

Help someone expand their business through social media! Find a business (big or small) that would be open to your help and guidance! Utilize all types of social media to market and grow your company of choice.   

Idea by mentor Ben

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